Group Meeting

17. February 2017

Today we had our first whole group meeting. We met around 10:30 in the G-building. After meeting up we took one of the small meeting rooms on the 7th floor. We discussed together what we want to do in the project and what had to done for the pitch in week 3.3.

After clearing what we had to do we decided to look throw all the advertisings to select the one we want to reproduce in this project. After a short discussion we selected the “Vim Clean – Don’t waste your time cleaning!” advertising to make (see link).

We decided to alter the advertising from “Don’t waste your time cleaning!” to “Don’t waste your time studying!” to give it an even more funny and parody twist.

Some points regarding the 360° video that also has to be done are still unclear. Therefor we have to ask the teachers in the next lesson about it. I agreed to write down everything we decided in a pdf-file.


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