28. February 2017

Today was the day for pitching the idea of what we want to do in the project. Since my teammates didn’t show up, I did the pitching on my own to the class.

From and after the pitching I got feedback on our idea. The basic idea in itself is good and does not need much change. Most important next step would be to make a storyboard / cinematic / moodboards, to make the concept more clear and concrete.

I talked to Herman St. Müller regarding CG effects to add. A rain effect as we discussed in the group before was suggeested as a good idea. In addition, since several of our shots have glass in it, it was suggested to add a reflection of clouds in there as well. Furthermore another idea was, instead of filming 2 people standing on each side of a glass wall it could also be possible to add the glassfront as a CG effect. The use of a greyscale color palette is / was a good choice.

Another idea that came up was to connect the two people on each side of the glassfront with each other. In the original advertisment the two actors were mother and child. In our case those 2 actors could be a married couple (this can be shown for example by each of them wearing a marriage ring).

In the next step I asked about the 360° video. As we guessed, the remake and the 360° are 2 different movies. The 360° is only one shot, so the lenght can vary. It was suggested to film the scene downstairs at the main entrance, as a result we would have our scene taking place in front, while people would walk around in the back.

Something that came to my mind is, that we should already think about renting the gear for filming, so that we have it on the proper day(s).


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