Skype Meeting

7. March 2017

Today we made a Skype starting at 10:00 regarding on the next steps to do for the video commercial remake.

I gave the group an update regarding the feedback I got from Statius Müller at the pitch.

We talked about the different aspects and the more concret idea of the commercial. The most important points to think about right now are the storyboard / sript; ators; moodboard; fotos of film locations and renting equipment. Since we have already a very complete idea for the 360° shot we discussed if we should already do it in this week. I suggested that we wait with it until we have storyboard and script done.

We started talking about the story itself. The first shot could be a enviormental shot showing the G-building. The image would be in colors, then fade out in greyscale, rain starts and music sets in. The camera would move towards the building, indicating where the commercial takes place.

The G-building entrance, main building entrance and the 7th floor meeting rooms could be used for shots showing 2 people on different sides of a glasswall reaching a hand out to each other.

We were also thing about renting equipment already, however since we don’t have a story / script to film, we delayed it till we have it. If possible we want to film already next week.

The meeting ended at 11:30. We agreed to meet up tomorrow for the class starting 11:45 on the 8th floor. Each of use thinks about the story till tomorrow, so we can complete the storyboard / sript tomorrow.

Hao, Tu and Cizar ant to add their Blog categorize till tomoroow as well.


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