360 Tryout & Meeting

16. March 2017

Today we made a test run with the 360° camera. We used the oppertunity to make us familiar with the camera. We walked to some different locations to see what kind of video we get based on where we place the camera. Unfortunatly several settings have been wrong in the beginning, which results in having only normal video recordings for most of the videos.

After a bit of digging around the net and a few guides we found the right settings for the equipment and where able to do one recording. Hao used the stiching programm to make a working video, which he uploaded to youtube.

In addition to the filming we also used the oppertunity to make a meeting and an update on all matters at hand.

Cizar has been on the look for actors. He found 2 actors, but  is also looking for 2 more actors. He is also going to make Scene Breakdowns and Call Sheets. Furthermore he is going to write down a short Script for the filming day.

We also talked about what euipment and props we need for the shooting day. For equipment we need a camera, tripot, a boom microphone and clip-on microphones. For props we need a laptop and a few papers showing notes and / or working material.

Tu is looking into the music we want to use. We have been thinking if we want to record the talking of the actors on location or do that afterwards. We decided to do it on film location.

Since we were not sure about the eact deadline for the hand-in we looked it up. The deadline is the sunday of week 10 (23. April 2017). In addition to this blog, the commercial remake and the 360° video we also have to write a reflection, which we will add on this blog.


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