Filming – Post Production Test

27. March 2017

Using the video footage we created on the 25. of March I had the oppertunity to test out several ideas for the post production we want to use in the final commercial remake. After cutting and arranging the recordings and découpage the scene. I added some different ideas for how we want to edit the final video. Some effects we want to add are adding rain, or making the whole scene darker or in greyscale.

While editing I stumbled across several issues that are going to be important for future recordings. One mayor problems with all recordings is the lighting. The forground is dark, while the background has a light sky. Reason for that is the sunny weather on the filming day. In theory it is possible to change the sky, but that takes much extra time, therefore a cloudy fliming day might help or shots with less sky in it.

In addition the sound quality is problematic, so that the sound is useless of these recordings. Proper use of boom and adding a clip-on is a must!

I exported the files to a video, however they don’t have a final edit, only some ideas I tried out. I didn’t want to make those to perfect, since they won’t be part of the final product.


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