On behalf of all team members I can say that this assignment wasn’t easy to follow & finish, since everybody had several other university stuff to focus on as internships, minors or other redo’s. But we have tried as much as possible to stay on track with the progress on the Content Creation subject.

Even though we didn’t have well planned meetings with the entire filming equipment, we’ve managed to  learn from our mistakes and do better in the following dates.

From the beginning  I have chosen to take the responsibility of the director. I have wrote the script of the commercial remake, came up with several ideas from which we could chose to integrate in our videos and pursued people to act in the video. We had more than one shooting with different actors in different places ’till filming the final well-planned cut.

Personally I have a chaotic mind-set, so when it comes to planning I tend to deviate from it & try to come up with new ideas rather than sticking to the plan. This was a bit of a problem, but I’ve managed to surpass it since I was entitled to be the director.

Overall, I think all team mates made good progress in the Production and Post Production of the commercial remake.


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