reflection of redo – Hao

well in this Redo of the content creation, me and Cezar we try to focus more on the storytelling using 360 degree video, since this is a new technology using in the video production, so within the assignment about remake the commercial in 360 video, we choose the commercial about the” don’t spend your life cleaning”   

Based on that we tried to create different stories. Actually through the process, we are also kind of lost cause we don’t know how to build up the relation with the original commercial we choose. Especially how to interpret the story in 360 way, are we going to follow the original story which is about the cleaning cream or a new story, which part we are going to build up the connection? all of them are the questions we asked ourselves.

So the first phase we try to get 3 different stories which based on the location and the story. We choose the corridor of the Macandra and my friend’s toilet. After sending to the teacher, we got the feedback which the story is not clear, which is also the part we see the problem is. So in the second phase we are trying to get a good story, are we going to act someone or just act ourselves in the real life? What kind of story we can handle and what kind of performance and properties we can deal with? These are all the questions we need to figure out in this time. finally we choose to just play ourselves as a student, and the story is about the cleaning a sharing kitchen in the house with ur roommates.

During the filming and post-editing, the spatial audio and 360 video editing were considered about. The story finally came out about a fake cleaner which Cezar played who doesn’t really want to clean the house and the fake cyclist which I played who asked him to came out and the angry female roommate which Lucy played who asked the Cezar back to work.

This time the most important thing for me is about the creating the storyline, what is the the script? what is the costume? what is the characteristic of each role? and well how to act this role since the roles are ourselves as well. The second thing is about doing some experiments in 360 degree video, how to use the camera how to record the sound and edit the sound, where do we need to put the camera, what is the background sound we need, how to edit the spatial audio.

What I learned is about the storytelling, I think a lot in here even we can not take everything into account, but I would say for getting a good humorous story, and how to create it is the most important thing I learned, to consider about the details, the conflicts and play it in real.

For what I can improve in the future I think it could be the 360 videos in virtual reality gear. I still don’t know for the traditional storytelling, is that the 360 video really help? even all my friends think this is cool, and how to act in front of this camera is also kind of weird. Probably the whole way of storytelling gonna be change in the future.


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