During the Redo of this assignment I have worked with Hao. Together we strived  to achieve a better result and make our 2 final products (the commercial remake & the 360 video) to be consistent on the theme subject.

Since we had much more difficulties with the 360 video, the 1st time we were doing the Content Creation assignment, we tried to focus on its development as much as possible. We have both been working equally in the production and post production.

In the production part we’ve filmed several videos with the Kodak camera to observe which idea could relate more to the commercial.  After many failed attempts, we’ve decided on a script and location for the final shooting.

Besides acting in the 360 video, I have personally focused more on editing the spatial audio & making it as immersive as possible. We have used a Zoom microphone for a better audio quality. By using the program SpookSync to connect Reaper & GoPro VR Player I’ve managed to synchronize the track recorded by the external microphone, with the video.

Overall I think we made a lot of progress regarding the 360 video & storytelling.



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