The redo of 360 video – create the story

Today Me and Cezar went to Macandra and my friend’s place to film the 360 demo. We try to make stories which is not that clearly about the “don’t waste time in Somewhere” and we choose two locations to test the film, in Macandra we came out another story which is about a man who want to escape from prison or somewhere since the building itself is quite old and odd.

The another story is about the don’t waste time in cleaning and we choose the location in the toilet of my friend’s apartment.

1. we use this scene to tell a story about the people escape from Jail / or as u know somewhere he want to escape ( this is just a experiment which we find the location at first, so we would like to try to improvise a story in here )

2 . second is the scene come from the commercial toilet video, we put the 360 camera here to test.

3. Third one is called the Corridor which Cesar play as a kind of security Guard who stop me enter the building. 

after this we stitch the video and send it to teacher, we will see the feedback.


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