The redo of 360 video – feedback of Martijn

After the day I sent the redo of 360 video,  the teacher reply the mail, the feedback is

1/ the story is not clear

2/ and for the other questions about the content in the 360 video, suggestions like do sth as a student and learn from other video on youtube.

well, the story is not clearly, this is true cuz we actually didn’t really focus on the storyline at first, instead of that we are trying to think how to have the connection with the original video.

Now we are thinking about the story and try to get different stories in here.

we are kind of thinking about the story happen in the house, so it doesn’t have to be toilet, it can be anywhere in a house, and the house should be the sharing one, the story is between u and ur housemates, or the story is about the student himself, we are going to figure what kind of story later. So

the character(s):  Student / a student who are in University, who are kind of wasting time doing sth ( study / cleaning / working /), he is supposed to enjoy the ( good weather / life /beer / sunshine / music, etc)

the story: what is sth happen in a student house ? what is the role of roommates?


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